What is the popular community?

The popular community is an association of the most popular russian personnalities of the fashion world. Here is a list of our most notorious achievements:

  1. We designed a few masterpieces for the FashionWeek in Paris.
  2. We designed the space watch, a unique jewellery piece that is featured on the most beautiful watches.
  3. We gained a lot of notoriety by getting cited by the following magazines : Elle, Vogue and more…
  4. We designed a website to display our most beautiful photographies, and allow to use them as wallpapers.
  5. We provided forest photographs for this article.

Case studies

Here is a list of some case studies:

  1. We helped design a watch
  2. FashionWeek organisation

What can we do?

We can organize any event related to fashion, we can design some fashion masterpieces and create some beautiful websites.

For more information, contact us via our page.

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